Your wedding day ... the birth of your child ... your daughter’s high school graduation ... your first grandchild. 

When you think of these images, what comes to mind? 

  • One of life’s greatest moments? 
  • An emotional celebration? 
  • A warm memory?

These events usually create a particular image in your mind.  Along with these images often come feelings, emotions, and warm thoughts.  You are then connected to a memory from some moment of the past.  How do you feel now? 

How do we ensure our employees apply what they’ve just learned? 

How do we make them implement the tools we’ve provided?

How do we make effective SELLING top of mind, every day?

Essentially, how you can make sales training stick in your store once and for all?! 

Here are a few ideas to help ensure your Sales Training Program is maximized in every way, everyone on your team keeps their selling skills sharp and training is sustained over the long term. 

I recently came across yet another article about the frustrations of dealing with poor service in the retail sector. 

In this particular case, the author described his rather negative experiences as he shopped for a new car.  Instead of trying to help him in this process, it seemed like the car dealerships he visited were a lot more focused on the ‘Sales Prevention Game’

You've been settled in your position for quite a while now and you're pretty comfortable with your performance and your prospects. 

You figure you've seen just about all there is to see and there isn't much more for you to learn, right? 

You feel you're at the top of your game and it can't get any higher. 

Sound like you?

Well, it's time to test your skills and knowledge. 

Take the following quiz and find out just how much you know.  Let's see if you really are a true selling machine!

The team at Graff Retail wants to extend a helping hand to the 17, 600 employees at Target who find themselves about to embark on another job hunt.

One of the most important roles a Store Manager plays in the game of retail is the role of the sales coach. 

So if this is such an important role, why is it that so many Store Managers don't coach their sales staff?  From my experience, the main reason is because they don't know how to coach.

I'm offering 5 easy coaching tips to encourage all the retail store managers out there to step up and be the BEST sales coach that you can be in 2015!

Power Up Your Personal Brand

As retailers, we always think about developing and growing our "brand" of stores.  But, what about your "Personal Brand"? 

Did you know that your personal brand can be as (if not more) powerful than your corporate brand? 

The importance of having a strong personal brand cannot be overstated. 

The much-anticipated holiday season has now come and gone.  Biggest selling opportunity of the year, right?  How did you do?  Move more merchandise than ever before?  Keep the cash registers running at full tilt?  Set an all-time revenue record?  Good for you!!

Now for the bad news.  Your success wasn’t shared by every retailer.  And it isn’t because the crowds didn’t show up or the weather was too nice.  The ‘sales damage’ we’re talking about was self-inflicted. 

What do we mean?

If you’re like most retailers out there, here’s some great news for you – gift card sales over the past several months should push your performance ‘over the top’ in the new year! 

But are you ready to make the most of this bonanza?

Here we are, just 8 'sleeps' away from Christmas day. 

How have sales been in your stores so far this holiday selling season?  Hitting your targets?  Celebrating success?  We certainly hope so, because there can hardly be one good reason why you shouldn't be doing better this year than last.


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