On a recent trip to the mall, we were less than impressed with the level of service out there.  But, wrapped in every story, good or bad, is a great lesson, so we just had to share.  As you read through these tales of horror and woe,   pray that it wasn’t you we observed playing the villain.  We’re sure you’ll agree … this stuff is ugly!

We've all been there.  Don't want to make that tough decision till we have 'all the facts'.  Once we get the latest update/results/analysis/research we'll be in a much better position to make the right call.  Isn't that what the professionals do?

At this stage of the game, most retailers understand the need to invest in employee training if they are going to be successful (or even just survive!).  Yet many have also carried the expense of programs that simply did not produce the results they were looking for.  So before we make any training solution recommendations  to our clients, we’re often asked “Why didn’t my last training program work?”

As you might imagine, we spend quite a bit of time in malls and power centres.  The ‘retail front’, so to speak.  This always gives us the quickest and most realistic assessment of what’s going on in the trenches. 

And guess what, folks … it ain’t pretty out there!  Some of the front line staff performance that we’ve witnessed is actually quite shocking.  What are we talking about?  Well, for starters:

Is finding and developing the 'right' store staff such a big deal? Doesn't your format and merchandise do all the real selling, while employees are just there to receive your customer's cash? Before you get too far down this line of thinking, consider the following list of questions, designed to challenge your assumptions:


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