Here we go again!  Yet another consumer group that you need to pay attention to.  But wait, this one isn’t just the imagination of a media article.  Shell commissioned an outstanding research project that sheds light on what they call Convenience Cravers. 

Here’s a snapshot of Shell’s report:

While the importance of creating a convenient, personalized retail experience is universal among all Canadian consumers – there is a significant sub-group of Canadians (18%), for whom it has become an essential part of their shopping experience.

Aptly referred to as Convenience Cravers, these Canadians are most likely to be males between 25-44 that work 40+ hours a week. Above all else, these shoppers are looking for retailers that offer:

  • Quality Interaction: A humanized customer experience;
  • Efficient Payment: A variety of options to speed up check-out;
  • Digital Details: A place where they can go to review your business and compare your products to other retailers online; and
  • Great Partnerships: A place that carries more of what they need so they have to make less stops.

For retailers looking to entice this group to spend more in-store, they should focus first on humanizing the customer service experience and expediting the check-out process.

  • 14% of Cravers said good customer service that led to a convenient experience would drive them to spend more.
  • 21% of Cravers said they would be prepared to pay more to check out faster – with 38% willing to pay up to 5% more on top of their purchase.

Conversely, if retailers choose not to meet Cravers’ growing expectations – they will pay the price. When asked how an ‘inconvenient experience’ would impact loyalty across four retail segments, Cravers told us:

  Fuel Convenience Fashion Technology
I would switch brands 49% 65% 63% 65%
I would walk away from the brand forever 27% 35% 37% 41%
I would tell people about my bad experience 5% 7% 12% 16%
I would not trust the brand 49% 65% 63% 65%


We’ve long argued that ‘humanizing’ the shopping experience pays dividends.  Now, Shell’s research backs that up in a big way, plus sheds light on much more of what you need to get right.

So, ask yourself: “How truly convenient are you for your customers?”

Kevin Graff is the main guy behind all things Graff Retail. A renowned retail expert, Kevin is recognized in the retail industry as a speaker, author and expert trainer. Kevin's main passion is to help retailers drive staff performance.

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