Our Team

At Graff, we do one thing: Improve Store Performance. So, everyone working here excels at knowing the realities of running a retail business and what it takes to get the job done. That’s what our clients love about us ... we get them!


Kevin Graff

Kevin Graff, President

I’m the guy who started this thing over 25 years ago. And, what a ride it’s been! I’ve worked with many of the world’s best known retailers to help them get better performance out of their staff. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to parts of the world I never dreamed I’d go to (Moscow, India, Copenhagen, South Korea, and even Bangladesh) just to help retailers everywhere sell more. And what I’ve learned from my clients everywhere is that every retailer could and should be selling a lot more of what they sell. That’s what drives me … and what drives our efforts to help our clients sell more through their staff.


Linda Montalbano

Linda Montalbano, Vice President & Certified Coach Practitioner

Like many, retail became my ‘accidental’ career a long time ago. But, I wouldn’t change a thing! Retail has so much to be proud of, and so many great people working in the industry. Before Graff, I was a VP of Store Operations for a national chain. We actually were a client of Graff Retail, and well, I jumped ship to join them because I saw the huge value in bringing what they were doing to so many more retailers (oh, and I kind of like the President here!)

For me, there’s nothing better than inspiring an audience by showing them the potential that exists with their stores and themselves.


Mary Gordon

Mary Gordon, Director of Business Development, GRTV

I’m the ‘jack of all trades’ here at Graff. New project? Give it to Mary! New idea to explore? Give it to Mary! I’m not complaining though. I love the fast pace and constant changes we’re always putting into place to make our programs better.

It’s our online training business, Graff Retail TV, which gets most of my time and attention. And, as well it should as its growing so fast! I love the excitement of getting a new retailer on board with our online sales and/or management training programs, and then hearing from the stores about how they’re loving our training systems.


Dan Bigonesse

Dan Bigonesse, Awesome Trainer and Facilitator (I gave myself that title)

I wake up every morning of a training session and I’m just completely stoked about standing in front of a room of participants knowing that I can help them be better at what they do, be more successful. I live for what I call the “light bulb moment” – the moment when I see a participant shaking their head in agreement and that fictitious light bulb illuminate over their head. That’s what gets me out of bed every morning!

And one more big bonus I bring to the table at Graff … I speak French! (secretly, I’m very happy Kevin doesn’t or else I might not have a job here!)


Kim McCutcheon

Kim McCutcheon, GRTV Support Specialist

If you’re on either our Get Selling or Get Managing programs then you probably already know who I am. I’m the one who fields a lot of the support calls, retrieves lost passwords, troubleshoots reporting questions … and gives out life advice for free! I can’t seem to get that “Happy” song out of my head … that’s a good thing because I’m happy all the time!


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