District Manager Training

You often take a good Store Manager and promote them to a District Manager position. But, do you really provide them with the training they need to manage and lead an entire territory? Let’s face it, running 15 or 20 stores is a lot different than managing just one.

We’ve trained hundreds of retail District Managers on how to get better results from their territories. The response is always amazing to our workshops! Finally, DMs get the training they need to deliver he results you want.

In-House Customized District Manager Workshops

If you have a group of 15 or more DMs, running a program in-house may be the best answer for you. Customized to your business, the workshops would be tailored to the realities facing your DMs. Whether we deliver the program over 1, 2 or 3 days, you can count on a sustainable program that will produce better results.

Call us today to talk about how we help retailers get better performance from their DMs.

Graff Retail’s Intensive 3-Day District Manager Workshop

From time to time, we run what is now often referred to as our ‘famous’ 3-day workshop for DMs as an ‘open’ workshop. These open workshops give you the chance to send as few as 1 and as many as 10 DMs to an amazing workshop experience. They’ll rub shoulders with DMs from other great retailers, and walk away with outstanding new skills, ideas and tools to take their territories to new performance levels.

Fall 3-Day District Manager Workshop
September 11th to 13th, 2018

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If you don't want to wait for our next public workshop, click "book your own workshop" to tell us when you would like to hold a private training workshop for your team.

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2 Day Retail Leadership Summit

Over the past 30 years, we’ve trained hundreds of Retail Leaders. We’ve been impressed often, and at the same time recognized where most need to improve to be able to take that next step in their development. This program fills that void. This 2-Day Retail Leadership Summit is designed to help you:

  • Become the Leader your teams need you to be
  • Take the steps needed to be ready for a higher position
  • Get better, more consistent results from your stores

This intensive workshop has been designed to create more effective Leaders. Ones that get results and who are ready to take on the next challenge in their careers.

Fall 2-Day Retail Leadership Summit
October 17th & 18th, 2018

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If you don't want to wait for our next public Leadership Summit, click "book your own workshop" to tell us when you would like to hold a private training workshop for your team.

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Store Manager Training

"As goes the Manager, so goes the Store."

Cliché, but true.

So, the question is: What training have you given your Store Managers? Certainly you’ve trained them on all of the administrative, scheduling, inventory and merchandising functions. But have you trained them on the toughest part of their jobs? Managing their staff, and getting the best performance possible, is the most challenging part of the job for all Managers. It’s time for you to give them the skills and tools they need to become a successful and effective Manager of people, not just a store.

Customized Workshops

For the past 25 years, we’ve built award winning management training programs. We’ll roll up our sleeves, visit your stores, meet with you and everyone else whose opinion matters. We’ll create a 1 or 2 day workshop to arm your Managers with the skills they need. They’ll love it … and you’ll love the results.

What can you cover in the workshop? Well, the sky’s the limit. But you can check out some of our sample modules that may appear in your program here.

Having a Store Manager Conference?

If you’re having an annual Store Manager Conference (congratulations if you are!) then you’ll likely want to consider having us there. We can turn an ordinary conference into the most talked about event ever. A standing ovation is virtually guaranteed. But more importantly, we’ll ensure that the Managers go back to their stores feeling more than just pumped. They’ll go back with actionable ideas and tools that will grow the business. Now, that’s an event!

Looking for an online training solution for your Store Managers?

If you’re ready for the most comprehensive and sustainable approach to management training, then you’ll want to check out our Get Managing training system for Store Managers. Quite simply, it’s the best thing you’ll do for your store management teams.



Sales Team Training

Today’s front line staff are more important than ever before. Customers are more knowledgeable and demanding. Competition is fiercer. Traffic counts are down in most stores.

Your sales teams have become the most important part of the shopping experience you provide at store level. Your customers expect your staff to be knowledgeable … and you need them to be able to sell to and serve your customers better than ever.

Customized Sales Training Solutions

SIX! That’s how many times our programs have won the award for Best Employee Development Programs from the Retail Council of Canada. That’s a testament to our ability to develop and implement programs that work.

So, if you want to discuss how we can create an award-winning program for your sales teams, give us a call.

Ready for E-Learning?

If you think you’re ready for online sales training (and you should be) then it’s time for you to look at our Get Selling online sales training system. Depending on your needs and your size, we can even customize the training to fit your business.



Head Office Training Workshops

Lunch & Learn Seminars

Linda Montalbano

It's time to invite Linda for lunch!

As Vice President of Graff Retail and a retail career history earning her the reputation of perhaps the single best retail leader in the country, Linda Montalbano has a wealth of knowledge to share with your retail operators.

Retail leadership is Linda's niche; and her specific knowledge of Leading Millennials to drive performance over the top, her 'famous' Personal Branding Seminar and her Performance Coaching tried and true lessons are real game-changers for our retail clients!



Lunch & Learn Seminars to choose from:


"Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce"

For the first time in history retailers have four generations working side by side in the workforce.  While this in itself is amazing, it brings with it challenges for managers at every level.

The key to being able to get the best results from this diverse workforce is to understand what makes each generation ‘tick’.  Once you understand why your staff ‘behave’ the way they do, you can move to get better productivity from each individual, and get your teams to work well together.

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"The Power of Your Personal Brand"

Have you ever noticed how some people are more ‘noticeable’ than others?  That people seem to want to follow them?  That they seem to make a bigger impact on a room or with individuals?

What these people have going for them is a powerful Personal Brand.  Just like big corporations like Nike, BMW and Coca-Cola have brand power, so do individuals like you.  But brands don’t just happen.  They get developed and nurtured over time. 

Discover what goes into the making of a Personal Brand, how other view you today and how you can get started on creating your own unique, authentic Personal Brand that will carry you to new heights in both your business and personal life.

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"Managing When Performance Isn't Great"

As you look around your office all you can see is everyone on your team smiling, working hard and meeting every expectation. Pinch yourself!  You’re likely having a dream.

The reality is that performance doesn’t always meet expectations.  Yes, most team members are doing a good job.  But not everyone.  And not every time.

 It’s your job as a manager to ensure performance levels from everyone meets expectations, every time.  The reality is that if you ignore poor performance, it only gets worse.

Managing when performance isn’t great isn’t always easy.  But it’s likely the most important thing you do.

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