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Transforming A “Mechanical” Job Into An Inspiring Experience

June 21, 2018

Take the time to read this true, short story of how a work experience has been transformed from the mundane to the inspiring.

We’re working with an amazing professional services provider, who came to us and asked for our help in driving some additional revenue into their stores.  The idea was to get their staff to sell an add-on to their customers.  Now, these staff aren’t salespeople.  They didn’t sign up to sell.  They really don’t want to sell.  They’re trained professionals in their field and selling runs against their will.

They had been asked to ‘sell’ before and it didn’t go all that well.  It’s then that we arrived ‘on the scene’ and took a bit of a different approach.

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Even This Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks

June 13, 2018

Thirty years into this business.  That can make me feel old … and maybe I’m getting old too!  Just think about all the good things we’ve all likely learned over the past 30 years.  Some amazing things.  Some scary things.  Some useless things.

Now, consider how we might all put on the ‘blinders’ after spending so long doing something.  It’s not unusual to get to a point where you think you just might have the right answer to almost everything.  Success breeds confidence.  You just have to make sure that confidence doesn’t get in the way.

Remember … EGO IS THE ENEMY!

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STORE Conference 2018 – Has Technology made us more Human?

June 07, 2018

It’s a tradition for the team at Graff.  Year after year, we don’t miss it.  You will always find us at the Retail Council of Canada annual STORE Conference and last week’s biggest event in Retail was likely our best ever!  With Kevin taking his place on the main stage as the master of ceremonies and our newly designed, slick booth out on the trade show floor, STORE did not disappoint.  Having supported STORE for the last decade, what made this year a stand out?  I would have to say it was the technology…and for those of you who know me, you know it takes a lot for me to give the nod to tech, so let me explain. 

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