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Get Selling

Award Winning Retail Sales Training Online System for The Retail Industry

Get Selling

Award Winning Online Sales Training System for The Retail Industry

A Better Experience for Your Customers and Staff. Better Sales for You.

Of course, we all want more sales. But if you are not providing your sales teams with retail sales training online that they need to be successful, you can’t expect them to consistently produce more sales. And, if your current sales training is a “one and done” approach, this won’t get the job done. Sales training must be living and breathing so that your people can confidently do the right things all day, every day, in every store location.

Graff’s award-winning retail training produces results because it has been “systemized”.

We make retail sales training an on-going activity within your operation that is always working and evolving, month after month, year after year. Graff’s online training is video based – amazing videos that your teams will love to experience. But this is not your typical video-training program. You have to see it to believe it. Our Get Selling program is designed specifically to make your people experts at generating sales, and improving the customer experience.

Topics Covered by Graff’s Online Retail Training Program

Establishing Rapport

The first and most important element of every sale.

Determining Needs

Asking the right questions that will uncover wants, needs and desires.

Presenting a Solution

How to make your products come alive.

Adding On

Educating customers so they leave with the best solution.

Closing The Sale

No pressure tactics. Just proven strategies that work.

Overcoming Objections

We all get them. Learn how to overcome them.

Building Loyalty

How to keep your customers coming back.

Driving Average Sale

Practical strategies that work to increase the basket size.

Improving Conversion Rates

How to get a few more customers to buy from you every day.

Attitude is Everything

The right attitude has a direct impact on sales performance.

10 Ways to Be a Sales Pro

Want your people to be the best? Here’s how.

Dealing with Selling Challenges

Approaches your sales staff can use to succeed in more difficult situations.

Why Get Selling Works

Our Get Selling Program is designed specifically to make your people experts at generating sales.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Your customers will notice the difference with their in-store experience. Your staff will learn how to make meaningful connections and increase loyalty. That’s the ultimate goal – we can make it a reality.

Increased Revenue

You know better customer experiences result in more sales. It’s a fact. By teaching your staff how to better engage customers, desired sales results will follow.

Knowledgeable, Engaged Staff

By giving your staff the tools and confidence to be better at selling, you’re setting them up for success.

Mentorship & Team Building

When staff feel confident, they pass their knowledge on to new and more junior staff. This creates a culture of teamwork - by working together, sales results are improved.

Confident Coaching

Even the best managers need to stay up to date about effective sales coaching. We provide the knowledge, techniques, and confidence managers need to lead their team to improved sales performance.

An Enjoyable Experience

An engaged and positive staff is much more likely to go the extra mile. This program gives them the tools to thrive and feeling empowered.

The proof: our innovative and unique retail training programs have been recognized with multiple awards.​

Happy customers and great partners agree, our passion for what we do shows up in our work…every time!

Get Selling Will Increase Your Sales – Learn How

What’s Included in Our Sales Training

Graff Retail’s unique and comprehensive Get Selling program is built to be engaging, educational, and easily accessible.

Fun, Engaging and Innovative Video Content

We’ve created short videos for each lesson that are highly informative and fun and keep your staff engaged and motivated.

A Comprehensive Reinforcement Strategy

This is why our program works to create sustainable results. Day after day. Month after month.

Sales Coach Training

Included is everything your Managers need to coach their teams on the program.

Easy Reporting & Tracking

Keep everyone progressing with easy-to-use reporting. The insight drives accountability and helps staff identify precisely what skills to work on.

Your sales teams could and should be selling more.

This Graff Retail White Paper explains what it takes to make this happen.

Make Our Program Your Own

If you need unique content or skills training, we will customize a program to meet your exact requirements.  We’ve created countless customized sales training programs for clients across all sectors. Contact us to create your own program.

Increases Your Sales!

Want to see Get Selling in action? Schedule a live demo so we can explain how Graff will work with you and your team to drive more sales, enhance customer experience and increase customer loyalty.

Get Selling + Get Managing

Pair our Ready to SERVE retail sales training program with our Get Managing training program to build the ultimate sales optimized team!


This is truly a relief for our Get Selling training program clients: there are no limits on the number of users you can have in each location! Staff turnover? No problem – no added charge! Seasonal staff? Still no added charge. We want to make this as easy as possible for you in every way.

Get Selling is an eLearning program; supported on an eLearning platform provided by Graff Retail. (Note, if you have your own LMS, we can also simply supply the learning files to be supported on your own LMS). All you need is an internet connection to login anywhere, anytime. Our platform is also completely mobile friendly so staff can easily access this training on their mobile phones and/or tablets if they so choose.
Each training video is approximately 15 minutes; 12 in total; with additional quick two-minute tips videos included to layer in for effective coaching and reinforcement. The learning is designed to be on-going in nature; with directive sent weekly to help guide your team through the content and reinforce the content in different way throughout the course of a year.
Included in our Get Selling training program are downloadable Manager’s Guides and quick Manager’s Minute coaching moments that fully supports the manager in their efforts to coach their teams. It provides managers with video tips, coaching techniques, and more – everything they need, to help bring Get Selling to life with their sales team out on the selling floor.
Each subscription is for a full year. 365 days of ongoing training, support, and better results in every way.

Of course! We’ve been customizing sales training content for over 25 years. It’s in our blood. It’s what we do. Whatever the needs of your store, team, or products, we can tailor our Get Selling training program to incorporate them. Just give us a call to talk about what’s possible.

Our Pricing

We don’t believe in hidden fees or surprise pricing. We’re open and honest with what our training programs mean for your store and team – both in its benefits, and in the investment involved.

So, What’s It Cost?

$62.50/month/location ($750/store/year) for the best sales training your team and stores have ever had.

That’s less than $2.50/day… and that covers all of your sales staff. We’ll do you a favour by saving you the time it would take to calculate the ROI needed to justify this investment – it’s ridiculously low!

Do you have more than 100 stores? Contact us for an enterprise solution.

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(For Your Entire Staff!)

Do you have more than 100 stores? Contact us for an enterprise solution

The Graff Retail Guarantee

We know that our programs will produce results, so it makes it easy for us to offer a full money back guarantee. If within the first 90 days of your program subscription you are not completely pleased for any reason, we will give you your money back. In over 30 years of business, we’ve never been asked to refund a single dollar!

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