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Case Studies

Graff Retail’s Get Managing Training Program Used to Increase Performance at Staples Canada

Staples Canada wanted their store managers and supervisors to be better equipped to coach and train staff members as a measure to increase performance at stores. Graff Retail was approached by Staples Canada to develop and implement management and supervisory training programs that would help the retailer achieve this vision.

Graff Retail had previously worked with Staples Canada to launch its Inspired Selling training program at their stores. The program was successful, but the retailer required better coaching and leadership from the store management teams to achieve even higher performance goals. 

Evaluating the Problem

The team at Graff Retail decided to implement the Get Managing training program after determining the gap in resources available to store managers and supervisors to consistently develop their teams. Staples Canada required its store managers to be more effective at coaching sales performance, motivating, and engaging their teams to increase productivity and drive store metrics. Supervisors also needed to become more efficient at hiring staff, reducing turnover, getting compliance on store standards, and managing key priorities.

After completing the evaluation, Graff Retail identified the following areas of opportunity:

  • Managers and supervisors had to be taught practical skills that would be relevant to the realities of the job.
  • Since Staples Canada has stores across the country that are open for long hours and have staff turnover, classroom training would not work. The training program could not have a ‘one and done’ approach, rather there was a need to have an ongoing system that would become part of daily store operations.

Setting the Right Goals

After evaluation, Graff Retail’s Get Managing program set out to achieve the following objectives for Staples Canada:

  • Increase important metrics, including Class Attachment Margin, ATV, Conversion Rate, and Endless Aisles sales.
  • Increase the number of individuals that could be promoted internally into management positions.
  • Making the training a sustainable initiative that would live daily in stores.

A Customized Solution

Graff Retail’s Get Managing training program helped Staples Canada achieve its objectives by establishing different modules for store managers and supervisors.

Store Managers

The Get Managing training provided store managers with the critical skills needed to coach, motivate, and get the best performance out of their teams. It consisted of the following key elements:

  • Videos that focused on the key parts of improving performance.
  • Learners workbook for each lesson.
  • Resource toolkit for each lesson that provided store managers with practical tools and systems they needed to implement in stores.
  • Online assessments for every lesson and tracking.
  • An approach that cycled store managers through the program over and over again in a multitude of creative ways, keeping the program fresh and alive.


Separate training videos and accompanying support materials (similar to that for managers) were created for supervisors as they required a separate set of skills. These short, fun videos focused on how supervisors could provide outstanding leadership to their store teams. This approach was well-received by frontline supervisors.

Integration with Inspired Selling

Get Managing was integrated to support and enhance the already existent Inspired Selling program at Staples Canada. With this integration, supervisors became much more effective and skilled at coaching the required sales behaviours outlined in the Inspired Selling program. This resulted in Inspired Selling becoming stronger than ever at stores and producing even greater results.

Proof that Training Works!

Graff Retail created and implemented the training program on time and within budget. Results after the first year showed an increase in sales and management/supervisor promotions.


  • Every key metric targeted improved by as much as 9%.
  • Over 150 individuals were promoted into management or supervisory positions.
  • Over 750 store managers and supervisors were trained in the program.


  • The programs became part of the daily conversation amongst management and supervisory teams. The culture at Staples Canada shifted to focus on coaching and developing staff not just on sales and service.
  • Managers and supervisors universally loved the program.

Over 150 individuals were promoted into management or supervisory positions.


Every key metric targeted improved by as much as 9%.

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