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Get Managing!

Online Training Program for Retail Managers and Leaders

Fully customizable training program for retail managers. Mobile app and desktop friendly.
The skills your managers actually need.

Do Your Managers Get Amazing
Results out of their Teams?

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The most difficult challenge for retail Store Managers is developing high performing teams. But if managers don’t have the training and support they need to make this happen, it’s unlikely their teams will produce exceptional results.

The Get Managing program is designed to give every Store Manager the essential skills, tools and systems they need to get the best performance possible from their teams. Everything we’ve learned over the past 30 years about what managers must absolutely do to develop and coach high performing teams is packed into this one of a kind program.


25% Higher Competency
Level of Managers

Based on our extensive “before and after” research, the competency level of managers who have gone through just a single round of Get Managing training has risen an average of 25%. That’s 25% better performance from those who hold the keys to your stores’ success.

Graff’s Get Managing training uses highly engaging and effective videos your managers will truly appreciate. This is not your typical management video-training program. You have to see it to believe it.

  • Become the manager that your team needs
  • Build confidence in your success
  • Run your store the right way, every single day

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Why Graff Retail’s Get Managing Online Training Works

A Better Staff Experience

Staff today demand, and deserve, a better work experience. And that experience is delivered through a great Manager. Giving your Managers the training they need gives the rest of your staff the experience they demand.

Increased Revenue

You know better customer experiences result in more sales. It’s a fact. By teaching managers how to develop teams that are more skilled at maximizing the customer experience, desired sales results will follow.

Knowledgeable, Engaged Staff

Giving your managers the tools to develop and motivate their staff, and give them the confidence they need to be better at service and selling resulting in a much better customer experience.

Never-Ending Development

This isn’t your typical one-and-done video program. Anything but! We drive (yes, we do it for you) a weekly training focus that keeps Managers learning, growing, thinking … and getting better week by week

Visibility, Support & Accountability

We don’t leave your Managers ‘alone’ in their learning journey. Their District Managers are constantly informed of progress so they can support their Managers and keep them on track.

An Enjoyable, Challenging Experience

Get Managing is fully interactive and ‘fun’ to work through. At the same time, the learning is adequately challenging to engage them throughout their learning journey.

The proof: our innovative and unique retail training programs have been recognized with multiple awards.​

Happy customers and great partners agree, our passion for what we do shows up in our work…every time!

Get Managing Will Increase Your Team’s Performance – Learn How

Topics Covered by Graff Retail’s Online Management Training Program

Hiring the Right Staff and Reducing Turnover

Hire the right people and keep them!

Priority Management

Focus on the things that are most critical to produce results.

Getting Your Sales Team to Sell More

How to drive improved sales skills, effort and results. Worth the total investment in itself!

Retail Leadership

Be a leader your team respects and trusts so they are driven to produce great results.

Performance Coaching

Learn how to deal with poor performance effectively and professionally.

Achieving Compliance on Standards

There’s only one way to run a store…the right way! This shows you how.

Motivating and Engaging Teams

Motivate and engage your team to produce results that exceed expectations.

Driving Your Store Metrics

Learn to build action plans to achieve key performance indicators.

The Business To The Business

Making sure your managers clearly understand how to run the business so you don’t have to look over their shoulder.

Manager’s Troubleshooting Guide

Every retail store has staff issues – learn how to recognize and deal with them.

Your sales teams could and should be selling more.

This Graff Retail White Paper explains what it takes to make this happen.

What’s Included in Our Manager Training

Graff Retail’s unique and comprehensive Get Managing Program is built to be engaging, educational, and easily accessible.

Fun, Engaging and Innovative Video Content

We’ve created short videos for each lesson that are highly informative and fun and keep your managers engaged and motivated to become better leaders.

Mobile App Friendly

We’ve made it easy for your managers to develop high performing teams. Training is accessible via mobile app and desktop for added accessibility and convenience.

A Comprehensive Reinforcement Strategy

This is why our program works to create sustainable results. Day after day. Month after month.

Unparalleled Support

We’re an extension of your training team … without the added head count. We work continually with our Get Managing community to keep them engaged, solve problems and more.

Easy Reporting and Tracking

Keep everyone progressing with easy-to-use reporting. The insight drives accountability and helps managers identify precisely what skills to work on.

Make our Program Your Own

If you need unique content or skills training, we will customize a program to meet your exact requirements.  We’ve created countless customized video lessons for clients across all sectors. Contact us to create your own program.


With an annual subscription to Get Managing, 5 managers per store location are included.  This accommodates most store management teams to include a Store Manager, Assistant Manager, Shift Supervisor(s) and perhaps some other up-and-coming managers for great succession planning.  If you require more ‘seats’ for your management teams, we can provide additional seats for an extra nominal fee per user.

Get Managing is an app-based program (with a desktop version available).  All you need is an internet connection to login anywhere, anytime from a smart phone.
Each training video is approximately 4 minutes long and each tackle a different key management skill over 26 weeks (completing 2 full cycles per year with different content and activities each time). There are additional workbooks and resources included to layer in for easy implementation. The learning is designed to be on-going, with in-app directives to help guide your management team through the content and reinforce it in different ways throughout the year.
District Managers have an important coaching role to play in this Get Managing app learning journey, having them involved and providing support and feedback to their managers along the way. The app is exceptionally interactive to encourage feedback between leaders and managers. District Managers are also provided with regular group coaching consultations to support their efforts to coach their management teams and ensure they are actively implementing the core concepts taught inside the Get Managing program to achieve change and see results.
Each subscription is for a full year. 365 days of ongoing training, support, and better results in every way. And, when you’re ready to renew for another year, we have new content and activities that will keep the program fresh, exciting and working to drive even better results.

Of course! We’ve been customizing manager training content for over 30 years. It’s in our blood. It’s what we do. Whatever the needs of your store, team, or products, we can tailor our Get Managing training program to incorporate them. Just give us a call to talk about what’s possible.

We strongly recommend users to download the app, programs within the app, and watch videos within the program on WIFI connection to avoid data charges.
Not a problem! The program can all be accessed with our desktop version. No one is left behind.
Absolutely. It’s one of the benefits for those clients that want us to create their customized version of the app. It’s with this feature that you can send individual or batch messages to your team, keeping each of them informed about various product launches, current in-store deals, and much more.
Given that Graff’s training content is heavy on multimedia, we have configured all videos within our programs to stream from the server rather than downloading them to the users’ devices to reduce storage space required on users’ devices. The storage space required varies per Graff program.  The storage space for each program is displayed on the homepage below the program title, and users can see it before downloading the app.

Our Pricing

We don’t believe in hidden fees or surprise pricing. We’re open and honest with what our training programs mean for your store and team – both in its benefits, and in the investment involved.

So, What’s It Cost?

$82.95/month/location($995/year/store) for the best training your managers have ever had.

That’s less than $3/day…and that covers all of your store management team … Managers, Assistants, Department Managers, MITs. We’ll do you a favour by saving you the time it would take to calculate the ROI needed to justify this investment – it’s ridiculously low!

Do you have more than 100 stores? Contact us for an enterprise solution.

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(For Your Entire Staff!)

Do you have more than 100 stores? Contact us for an enterprise solution

The Graff Retail Guarantee

We know that our programs will produce results, so it makes it easy for us to offer a full money back guarantee. If within the first 90 days of your program subscription you are not completely pleased for any reason, we will give you your money back. In over 30 years of business, we’ve never been asked to refund a single dollar!

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