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District Managers: Necessary or Unnecessary?

I know I’m likely not making many friends in the Store Operations divisions with the title of this blog.  After all, how dare I even suggest that DMs may be unnecessary?  They’re supposed to be part of the ‘untouchable’ crowd.

Let’s look at what would make DMs unnecessary and, by extension, redundant:

  • As often as not, they’re stuck in the ‘mud’, spinning their tires, busy but not effective like they need to be with driving results
  • They’ve often been buried in paperwork and pulled in a hundred different directions by every department at Head Office, so the focus needed just isn’t there
  • They brilliantly maintain the status quo, but as I often say, the status quo is just death waiting to happen

Think about all of the technology available today.  Data is apparently King.  There’s a report on and for everything.  Communication is instant in every form imaginable.  It seems most everything can be done remotely, on a screen or through an app.

Plus, isn’t everything going online anyway? (NOT!)

Now, before you start lighting me up on social media for the points above, let’s quickly move each of them into the trash bin!  That’s where they belong.  It’s not that they aren’t real and don’t happen.  It’s that they DON’T HAVE TO HAPPEN!

Look at just a short list of what makes your DMs necessary … and irreplaceable:

  • They hire the talent you need
  • They coach, mentor, train and develop the talent you need
  • They are the ultimate Brand Ambassador for your company that model and inspire everyone in the stores to become the same
  • They, more than anyone, are the Leaders that your store teams follow
  • They are the source of exceptional employee engagement in the stores
  • Store teams only know what they know … and it’s the DM who shows them how to raise their game
  • They drive results, the customer experience and the staff experience

Let’s face it:  your store staff is now the greatest Differentiator you have to separate your company from the one across the hall.  And it’s your DMs that lead your store teams.

But, they can’t succeed if you haven’t given them the skills, tools and systems they need to succeed.  Too many DMs have never been given the training they deserve (and it’s why you might think they are unnecessary).

Don’t let that happen in your organization.  DMs are essential … and necessary.

Good news!

We’re running our 3-Day Intensive Workshop For Retail District Managers this March 25 to 27 in Toronto.   This is an amazing opportunity (for most, the only opportunity) to give your DMs the skills, tools and systems they need to succeed.

We’ve trained thousands of DMs in this program … it’s amazing!

You can download the brochure here.

The Early Bird Registration ends today, January 31.  It’s your chance to save $250.

Call the office at 1.905.842.1275 to register, or sign up here.

Still not sure?   Call me, Kevin, on my cell at 416.846.5686 and I’ll answer any of your questions.

Blog Authors: Kevin

Kevin Graff

Kevin Graff is the main guy behind all things Graff Retail. A renowned retail expert, Kevin is recognized in the retail industry as a speaker, author and expert trainer. Kevin's main passion is to help retailers drive staff performance.

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